Look to the seas.  They hold many secrets. Miscellaneous

This page explains and showcases some of the things I am involved in. The focus of this page is to showcase web sites devoted or related to those things. Some web pages are my own creations, and some web pages are the creation of others but I am involved in the projects somehow. This page is quite informal.

I am part-owner in two companies (Kingston Online Services & CanTech Solutions), both of which I had major involvement in founding. In fact, I would be the only owner if I had all the funding I needed in 1993 but I am not unhappy with the way things turned out at all. I am busy as a result of my position, but I find time to get involved in Open Source Projects. See my Projects Page for more information.

After many years of involvement in racing, including Motocross, Grand Prix Boat and Go-Kart, I now have turned to SCCA style racing. I am a member of the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association and joined the Sports Car Club of America and Canadian Automobile Sports Clubs in 1999. I was a navigator in the 1998 and 1999 One Lap of America and hope to be a competitor in the event for years to come (see my One Lap Page). I have strong ties to the Toronto F-Body MotorSports group, and I run a mailing list for them. This year I will also join St. Lawrence Auto Club which does local Solo, AutoX and lapping nights at local tracks (MoSport and Shannonville).

I am involved with the Kingston Jaycees, which do community work, and I am also involved in other community groups. If you don't do any community work, I highly recommend it - not only will you get to be known, but you will feel better about your role in society, such as it may be.

In another time of my life, I wrote a lot and did a great lot of work towards building my own role playing game, as well as role-playing in games like GURPS and Dungeons & Dragons. My role playing game is unfinished and someday maybe you can find it in my Projects area if you'd like to work on it (not yet up). I started playing again in 1999 - see the Belur Web Site.