Look to the skies.  They hold many secrets. The Shaman

I'm surprised you have shown an interest - but since you have, I will try not to disappoint you. As you read down the page, things become less important, so if you're low on time then just read my hobbies list, it is a good indication of the person I am.

My real name is Steve Cole. I have been using the Internet call-sign of Shaman since 1991, so I do believe if anyone else is using it they are not the 'real' Shaman, if you will. I took the name from the lead character of Burt Cole's "The Quick", an excellent novel. You will find me using the name all over the world on sites such as FreshMeat.

I am a person with varied interests. Perhaps too many interests, in fact, since I often find myself short on time or frustrated because some of my hobbies are not getting enough attention. My hobbies include, but will never be limited to:

I live at an undisclosed place in Kingston, Ontario, with my significant other, Meredith. I was born in Smiths Falls, Ontario in 1968 and lived in Picton, Ontario until 1987. I went through college at St. Lawrence College (perhaps the most political college I know) and met many friends there, many of whom I still have contact regularly since my graduation in 1993. I miss a number of friends I had from that period in my life, and if you knew me then I would like to hear from you.

I have been many things in my life. I have worked as a factory worker, a computer expert, a miner, a guard, a janitor, a handyman and many other things. Today I am a computer consultant, Internetworking expert and UNIX pundit. My qualifications:

I have been on the Internet in one form or another since 1990. There was a short time when I was on it at a younger age, but it was nothing like it is today. In 1991 I had the Kingston area's largest bulletin board system, which I had until late 1993 when the costs of running the system forced me to look for financial support for the service. Like many things that you pay for out of your own pocket and suffer hardship for, lots of people weren't appreciative enough to be happy with the change. But things have worked out for the best, I think.

Please check out my thoughts page and sign my guestbook. I always like to hear from people, even if it's not entirely positive - every comment helps me make my pages better and more useful for other people.

My 1997 Geek Code:

     Version: 3.1
     GB/CS/CM/CC/IT d()@> s:+ a- C++$ ULS++++$ P+$ L-$ E- W+++$ N++$ o+
     !K-- w---(---)$>--- O-$ M$ !V- PS+>$ PE>$ Y+>$ PGP++>$ t+(+)>+$
     5+(+)>+$ X+(+)>+$ R+++(+++)$>+++ tv+@ b+++(+++)>$ DI+>$ D->$ G(+++)>$
     e++$ h--()>++$ r++>$ y?
Note: acknowledgments to Don Barnett for some of the images used on this web site.